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Pinewood Studios Phase 1


Pinewood Studios Phase 1


Pinewood Group Ltd

The Brief

Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd

Value: 15.0m

Duration: June 2015 to August 2016

The Solution

This was the first of 2 projects we completed for Pinewood Group. Phase 1 included a large civils package including general site clearance, bulk earthworks, drainage, building foundations, pile caps & groundbeams, road surfacing, white lining, kerbing, concrete slabs, external services, attenuation ponds and S278 works.

130,000 m2 of vegetation strip with cut and fill exercise.

·         5nr new filming studios with associated foundations and floors slabs

·         22,000 m2 of new external aprons  

·         14,000 m2 of tarmac roads

·         1,700 m2 tarmac footpaths

·         5,000 metres of new kerbing

·         7,000 metres of new storm / foul / land / ACO drainage

·         12,000 metres of trenching for external services